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Audit and Attest Services by Morice & Layton CPAs, LLP


Let Fiducial be Your Partner in Your Business -
Turn Over Your Accounting and Financial Reporting to Us.

Bookkeeping is typically a time consuming, frustrating task – a ‘necessary evil’ of owning a business. Turn over your bookkeeping and financial reporting needs to us. Let our experienced business advisors provide you with national firm level expertise to track your business activity, help you ‘keep score’, assist you in staying compliant with the myriad of Federal, State and local tax laws. We work with you to create a seamless relationship to help your business run smoothly, while making sure you are doing what you need to do to increase your profits and reduce your taxes.

We do this in a number of ways by helping you record and interpret financial data to make better business decisions.

First, the recording of the information. Just why is it important to maintain good records? There are three primary reasons:

1. Better Management Control — All Business Owners need to have a tool to determine what results have been achieved in the past to make decisions for the future. Good records enable you to substitute informed judgment for guesswork and intuition in making business decisions.

2. Proof of Credit Worthiness — Time after time, statistics have revealed that almost 80% of business failures resulted from inability to avoid certain conditions that adequate records would have disclosed in time to correct. Records are a basic necessity in securing a loan. Few banks or other lending institutions are willing to negotiate loans without properly prepared financial statements that can only be compiled from the proper records.

3. Support for Tax Reports — There are many tax returns that are required by federal, state and even municipal governmental agencies: income tax, business tax, franchise tax, property tax and payroll tax. The list seems endless, doesn’t it? The responsibility for keeping records and proving their accuracy falls on the taxpayer, so the importance of keeping records is obvious!

Second, the interpretation of the financial data. We view our most important job as your business partner is to make sense out of all the numbers and statistics.
As your partner, we can take care of all of this so you can focus on the reasons you went into business for in the first place!