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Fiducial provides small businesses the benefits
of a full-service, outsourced payroll system that carefully and confidentially handles every aspect of payroll for small businesses.

There’s more to payroll than writing and signing pay checks! At Fiducial, we can handle everything from calculating your payroll, to making direct deposits into your employees’ bank accounts, to paying your withholding liabilities and filing your payroll tax returns. All the while providing you with the reports you need to run your business. At a price that is cheaper than doing it yourself.

From data entry to direct deposit to payroll tax filing, we:

  • Track your payroll schedule
  • Process all information
  • Produce pay checks
  • Make direct deposits
  • Create and file all federal and state tax returns and provide a complete payroll each pay period. It's really as simple as one phone call, fax or email each pay period!

Call us toll-free at 1 866 2 FIDUCIAL (1 866 234-3824)