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Experience the Fiducial Difference in Your Tax Return Preparation and Planning

Root canal or doing your taxes – let us handle the more painful of the two. It’s just not preparing your returns – it’s helping you plan what’s best for you. Our professionals will meet with you to examine your tax situation and suggest actions to help you meet your goals. Our offices are open year round to provide you the support you need – not just during tax season.

So just how are we different?

  • While our clients include taxpayers of all income levels, we specialize in middle- to upper-middle income individuals and families just like yours. That means we'll fight for every deduction, every credit, and every opportunity to put more money in your pocket because we do it for ourselves and our own families in the same way.

  • We're a one-stop, one-source shop for all your business and financial needs. That means we'll take an overall, holistic approach to your tax situation to see how it may affect other areas, and counsel you on those as well. We will look at how a major change in your life—marriage, a new career, a new employer and many other events —can affect your tax situation.

  • Our focus is on you, your needs and your situation. It's a personal program built from the ground up, not a pre-packaged "cure all." From our various options for tax preparation (on-line, local office professional or National Office Tax Processing Center) to the many tax planning services we provide, we've got you covered. Go ahead and explore how we deliver all our services in a caring and concerned manner, all while saving you time and money.

EfileStatus as an Authorized IRS E-File Provider — As trusted tax professionals, we've been accepted into the IRS electronic filing program, so we can offer you the highest quality tax filing experience possible. Any return we file electronically on your behalf will be remitted to the IRS and/or state authority on a secure system with an electronic acknowledgement of return receipt. It's a speedier and more accurate way to file your return, allows for electronic payment options—and puts any refund into your pocket in the shortest possible time.